Arlington House is located in northern Virginia on a hill overlooking the nation's capital.  The mansion was constructed by George Washington Parke Custis on an 1,100-acre plantation between 1802-1818 to honor the first president of the United States, George Washington, who also was Custis' step grandfather.  The construction was done by some of the nearly 5-dozen enslaved people inherited by Custis from Martha Washington's dowery and brought from Mount Vernon. 

  In 2021, descendants of enslaved and free ancestors who lived, worked and died at Arlington House came together for the first time to raise their voices in unity calling for the name of Lee to be removed from the site.  The Washington Post published an OpEd by descendants of the Lee and Syphax families.  In July 2022, bicameral legislation was introduced in Congress: H.J. Res 90 in the House and S.J. Res. 57 in the Senate. These bills can be tracked at  When passed, the bill will change the name to Arlington House National Historic Site

Please sign the petition to raise your voice along side those of the descendants of Arlington House calling for a name change.  Help raise the awareness of our elected officials in Congress who can engage in a long over-due reexamination of this iconic public symbol by recognizing the importance of sharing the entire narrative of everyone who is part of the history at the site ...for more information.