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Conference Highlights

Secretary General Jackie Long (NY)
convenes 2023 Annual Meeting


2023 Annual Meeting and Conference
held at the Museum of the American Revolution,
Philadelphia, PA

Founding Member Harold R. Cornwall (NY), and Charter Members
Hudson Cornwall (NY) and Waverly Cornwall (NY)
lead the members and distinguished guests
in the pledge of Allegiance.

President General Ric Murphy (VA)
Welcomes Members and Guest to the
2023 Annual Conference

Chaplain General
Reverend Doctor Khadijah Matin (NY)
offers the body profound words of inspiration.

President General Ric Murphy (VA)
reflecting upon the powerful words of
Chaplain General Matin.

SOFAFEA’s Vice President (North Atlantic District) Christopher Williams (NY) and Vice President (South Atlantic District) Stephanie Miller (FL)
announce the 2023 Honorees.

Our members and guests had a phenomenal opportunity
to see the extensive and diverse exhibits at the
Museum of the American Revolution

(Left) Honoree  Rita Heinegg (PA) 
shares a light moment with
Historian General Gigi-Best Richardson (FL)
and her husband Paul Heinegg.

Eric Hardaway, former Director of Military Affairs to
Congressman Dwight Evans (PA) reads
an unexpected commendation
from the Congressman.

Every year Dr. Wendell Goins insists that the descendants
of John Gowen (of Point Comfort, Virginia, 1619)
take a family photo. (L to R) Dr. Wendell Goins,
Dr. Mercedes Franklin, Ruth Hunt, Ric Murphy,
Hudson Cornwall, Waverly Cornwall, Dr. Shelly Murphy,
Douglas Cornwall, Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin, Harold Cornwall.

Thom Reed and LaJoy Mosby listen attentively to
Bill Ritchie as he discusses a proposed
District of Columbia school based initiative.

A dynamic group of scholars representing
our Nation’s most prestigious organizations.
Bill Ritchie (DC Sons of the American Revolution),
Thom Reed (FamilySearch International),
LaJoy Mosby (Afro-American Historical and
Genealogical Society), Dr. Evelyn McDowell
(Sons and Daughters of the United States Middle Passage), Bren Landon (Daughters of the American Revolution), Ambrose Richardson (Sons of the Revolution), and Adrienne Whaley
(Museum of the American Revolution).

We are so proud of
Our Distinguished Daughters of the Forgotten Patriots
of the American Revolution

Carol Hector Harris (OH), Dr. Shelley Murphy (VA),
Dee Dee Roberts (NJ), Stephanie Miller (FL),
Gigi Best Richardson (FL), Dr. Mercedes Franklin (NY),
Ruth Hunt (NY), Dr. Evelyn McDowell (NJ),
and Jackie Long (NY).

It was truly a beautiful day

(inside and out) 


SOFAFEA’s Vice President (North Atlantic District) Christopher Williams (NY) and Vice President (South Atlantic District) Stephanie Miller (FL) announce the 2023 Honorees.


Vice President Christopher Williams (NY) and Vice
President Stephanie Miller (FL) welcomes to the stage the 2023 Honorees Steve Hammond (VA), Andrea Davis
(Nova Scotia), Calvin Pearson (VA), Ruth Hunt
(substituting for Maria Cole (TN), Calvin Ramsey (CT), Antonio Charity (CA), Rita  Heinegg (PA),
and Ed Carter (NC).

Adrienne Whaley, Director of Education and Community Engagement welcomes Auditor General Dean Henry (PA), Stephanie Miller, Vice President (FL) and President General Ric Murphy (VA) to the Museum of the American Revolution

SOFAFEA Members visit the impressive
Forten Exhibit: Founders of America series

As much as we tried we could not get all of our Board Members
and our Honorees 
in a single picture.
congratulations to all of our 2023 honorees
(even those not in the picture).

Founded in 2019

Society of the First African Families
of English America



We look forward to seeing you in 2024