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Patriots of African Descent Monument 
in Valley Forge National Park

Erected in 1993 by the Valley Forge Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc


America's Forgotten Patriots


The War for Independence …also known as the American Revolutionary War, secured American independence from Great Britain, and primarily took place on the American continent from April 19, 1775, through September 3, 1783.

American men of African descent fought from the very beginning of the War at the Battels of Lexington and Concord, they came from each of the thirteen colonies and served in every major battle until the Battle of Yorktown, when the British surrendered.

In the spirit of Crispus Attucks who was the first to be killed by the British at the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770, men of African descent wore the uniform of the Continental Army or their State Militia and patriotically served when called.

The Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and on July 4, 1776 declared independence from Great Britain sparking the war for independence. In the year 2026, America will commemorate our nation’s two-hundred and fifty anniversary.

The Society of the First African Families of English America will honor our ancestors and pay tribute to the men, women and children who sought the same personal freedom and rights as their English neighbors.

The Society will launch a Forgotten Patriots 250 Project celebrating those of African and/or Indigenous descent who fought on both sides for the democratic principles of liberty and justice for all, and for those who contributed to the war cause.