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What is America 250

On July 2, 1776, in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Second Continental Congress voted for the independence of the United Colonies from Great Britain. Two day later the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on July 4, the date on which the anniversary of independence is observed.

Federal legislation directs that in the year 2026, it will mark the United States' semiquincentennial, or 250th anniversary of the founding of our nation.

Activities are dedicated all across the nation, with special events to be held in Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, and New York.

The Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020 allows the United States Mint to redesign any coins in 2026. It calls for a series of five designs for the quarter, including one depicting women's contributions to independence.

The Society of the First African Families of English America (SOFAFEA) will be engaged with other organizations depicting the significant and historical contributions of Americans of African and indigenous descent to our nation’s independence. 

Consistent with the Federal legislation that directs that semiquincentennial events receive special focus in the cities of Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, and New York, the Society of the First African Families of English America’s National Vice Presidents for the regions of the New England District, the North Atlantic District, the Mid-Atlantic District, and the South Atlantic District will lead our organization’s national efforts.

In October 2022, as part of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society annual conference titled: Bridging the American Colonial Divide: Resurrecting the Memory and Space of Black Patriots and History Makers, SOFAFEA launched its America 250 activities with an emphasis on the Americans of African and indigenous descent who served in combat or contributed to the war effort.

Our combined national efforts will be known as the Forgotten Patriots 250 initiative. 

What is known as the "Betsy Ross" flag, and the SOFAFEA insignia.