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We preserve and share the numerous resources and documentation found in the public domain to aide in the research of ancestral roots

...and to help others understand who we are and the vast contributions of our ancestors to American history.


Start your genealogical journey and learn more about your family’s contributions to the founding of the United States of America ...see more.


Our nation's libraries hold numerous documents relating to the colonial and post-colonial periods of American history ...see more. 


Our reading resources  aide in the research  and exploration of Americans of African descent in American history ...see more.



Our ancestors were tied to the land, and state and county resources provide valuable tools, data, and other resources to support your genealogical journey ...see more.


The internet is a gold mine of information. It has so many sources from which valuable genealogical and historical information and data can be extracted, but only if you know where to look ..see more.  


Our ancestors patriotically served and defended the United States Constitution domestically and internationally, and they can be found in numerous resources across a broad spectrum of platforms ...see more.