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Why Join?

  • We are educators.  The Society of the First African Families of English America compiles data about our ancestors, documenting that data, and making it available prospective descendants and to the public.  Our society promote historical education on many levels, and many of our members are active public speakers and teachers in their local communities. Our goal is to provide valuable information and to inspire you in finding your ancestors and learn more about their history.
  • We are genealogists.  The members of the Society of the First African Families of English America collectively research and document the lineages of our American and African ancestors over the past four hundred years.  As genealogists we document our work making the road easier for generations to come, and we celebrate the accomplishments and lives of those we study by honoring our past.  Our goal is to provide the data, the products and the tools to help you in your genealogical research.
  • We are historians.  The Society of the First African Families of English America is committed to the preservation of historical facts and accurate depictions of our ancestors in American history, and the significant contributions of their descendants to the present day. Our work is the cumulative product of hundreds of thousands of hours of personal and joint research. Our evidence is grounded in primary sourced documents found in federal, state and local town records, and from family and era historians associated with other hereditary societies.  Our goal is to provide a significant source of accurate, relevant historical data for your benefit and the benefit for generations to come.
  • We promote civic duty and patriotism.  The Society of the First African Families of English America honors the sacrifices and the patriotic service of our ancestors who served in every military conflict our nation has been engaged. We promote scholarships, historical preservation, community leadership, participation in state and national patriotic ceremonies, and continue to defend our nation. Our goal is to honor the sacrifices and perseverance of our ancestors, to build on the opportunities of the present, and pave a road for the successes of our descendants.   
  • We are a fellowship.  The Society of the First African Families of English America provides the opportunity for extended family members to foster life-long friendships, partnerships in projects, and a synergism in reaching similar goals, and a chance to remain active in the context of organized groups. We genuinely enjoy fellowshipping together, savoring our mutual love for all that the hereditary community represents. And as written herein, our goal is to support the tenants of other likeminded hereditary societies and provide our members the framework and support to join other eligible hereditary societies.