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Journal of the Society of the First African Families
of English America

The Journal of the Society of the First African Families of English America is published annually and is the leading journal on compiled genealogies and histories of Americans of African descent focusing on the colonial period of 1619 to the American Revolution and beyond. Articles solve genealogical problems, identify histories of family groups, presents analysis of multiple generations, and provides authoritative documentation to assist in family research.

The journal welcomes works from all disciplines bearing on the early experiences and contributions of Americans of African descent or their descendants particularly but not limited to anthropology, archaeology, cultural studies, culture, law, literature, political science, preservation, race relations, and religion.

We seek articles on free, freed, or enslaved Americans of African descent whose lineage originates and is documented between the period of 1619 through March 05, 1770 (this includes Revolutionary War soldiers/ participants), and beyond. Whether or not you have written for the Journal previously, you might find that your research fits well within our editorial focus.

The publication also includes biographies of our authors, book reviews and so much more.

If you have a promising article please consider reviewing our requirements to submit an article.

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